Rehabilitation - durable and efficient

Due to strong wearing of lift trucks or transport damages defective floors cause high expenses in industrial areas in particular. In addition to that rehabilitation can also be necessary due to general change of utilization or just better optics.

Durable and effective rehabilitation requires custumized consideration, qualified staff and a lot of ‘know how’. You could profit from our experiences by a free, non-binding offer.


  • looking for causes
  • checking subsurface
  • conception
  • choose a system
  • set up
  • competent execution


Rehabilitation of industrial floors

Due to being apprehensive of long deadlock of production, rehabilitation of industrial floors is often postponed. Depending on environment we guarantee you a new flooring up to 1000m² through the weekend.

Our systems for rehabilitation of industrial floors:

  • induPLAN - The self-levelling rehabilitation system for moderate mechanical stress
  • KOTA-TOP - The self-levelling rehabilitation system for heavy mechanical stress
  • KOTA-FERROX-TITANIUM® - The reinforced, self-bearing system for hardest mechanical stress

Please contact us for a comprehensive consultation.

For the short time you can find information on our rehabilitation-systems at the following website: Download

Information concerning the cleaning or decontamination of industrial areas you can find at: Decontamination