'KOTA' - The industrial floor for hardest stress

Hardest mechanical stress in an aggressive environment brings massive requirements to an industrial floor.

With the product-line 'KOTA' the Dithmarscher Fußbodenbau GmbH has developed a unique industrial-flooring-system that resists all these massive requirements:




bonded screed, d = 15-50 mm





self-levelling screed, d = 3-10 mm




floating, self-bearing screed, d = 30-50 mm



  • compressive strength up to 150 N/mm²
  • flexural strength up to 65 N/mm²
  • abrasion resistance < 4 cm³/50cm²
  • not permeable


How is it?

KOTA - industrial floors consist of a special mixture of cement, micro-particles and other additives. They are mixed together with a very low w/c-ratio. They are pure mineral.


Operating range:

Suitable for hardest mechanical stress in an aggressive environment.

  • for warehouses and production
  • automotive industrie / airports
  • parking garages
  • food industry / agriculture


What else?

Due to the fact that the interface zone is less porous and consists of large amounts of small particles there is a much better bonding on a reinforcement. Bonding on smooth 6 mm steel bars is 4-5 times higher than in traditional concrete. Due to the special flow capacities it is possible to use high amounts of reinforcement.
Many floors are weak, under dimensioned with cracks or contaminated with oil, chemicals etc. A traditional solution requires removal of existing surface/floor which can be a huge problem due to dust from scabbling, noise or production shut down time.
The KOTA-Ferrox system can be applied directly on contaminated or demolished floors of any kind. The fast setting time secures full load access after 24 hours at 20º C.

A unique rehabilitation system!