floor coatings



Coatings - a decision for the right system

To meet the requirements concerning the resistance against abrasion, chemicals and/or other kinds of stress a coating is often absolutely necessary. In addition to that sometimes building regulations necessitate the application of a resin-coating.

To choose the right system different parameters have to be considered:


  • cleaning and care
  • durability
  • skid resistance
  • crack resistance
  • optics, colours
  • conductivity
  • fire-resistance
  • neutrality to food
  • chemical resistance

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Impregnation of old or new floorings

Colourless, water emulgated or impregnations with solvent infiltrate the capillaries structure of the subsurface.

The result:


  • a better resistance against mechanical stress
  • a better resistance against chemicals
  • a penetratation of oil or other liquids is aggravated
  • the surface is easy to clean





Coloured sealings

Resin-sealings close the pores of the surface and lay a thin (coloured) film.

The so closed surface improves the resistance against chemical and mechanical stress. The surface is sealed of and therewith the floor becomes easy to clean.

In particular in areas of fine mechanical tools e.g. a sealing protects investments and installations through a dust-free floor.

Fashion your industrial floors or exposition through many possible dull or shiny colours.



Chemical surface hardening

Chemical surface hardening through a special liquid is a process whereby:

  • the resistance against chemical and mechanical stress is improved.
  • a floor becomes more dust-free.
  • the surface of a floor becomes easier to clean.